Sgt Reckless
Reckless in Action

Enjoy this video presentation of Reckless. 

I have written a movie script on this incredible story and am looking for a home for it.  

If you, or anyone you know, has any pictures or anecdotes on Reckless that you would like to share, please contact me and send them along.  Even though my book is out, I will keep gathering stories and pictures about this  wonderful heroic horse and posting them. 

Look under “Operation Reckless” to see what other plans we have to honor this wonderful Marine. 

Fox 5 News - San Diego

November 11, 2009

If you would like to read more of the article that appeared on Fox 5 News in San Diego, click here.



My first Presentation on Reckless! 

Lakeside Frontier Riders - April 2012

The Story of REckless
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